When my service dog had to have an emergency over night stay, I contacted SD Gunner Fund and they took care of it for me. Being low on money and wanting to take care of your SD as they take care of you, it is always nice to know someone wants to take care of them also. Thank you SD Gunner Fund.

USMC Chris Campbell & SD Freedom

We are a military family with two young boys on the autism spectrum. When our developmental pediatrician recommended a service dog, SD Gunner Fund was gracious to answer all my questions. Britnee sent me information on the full range of options, from non-profits that provide fully trained dogs to breeds that are recommended for autistic children and resources to have a dog trained in the local area. SD Gunner Fund took a process that was overwhelming and made it simple and accessible.

A few weeks later, SD Gunner Fund met with my family to answer our questions and point us towards resources. Naturally, meeting SD Gunner was a huge highlight of our time together. We were in awe of SD Gunner and could see how our family would benefit from a service dog. SD Jake joined our family in February 2015.

Months later, while my husband was serving overseas, SD Gunner Fund recommended my family for a grant to assist with SD Jake's training. At the time, I was juggling the demands of two autistic children and an adorable, but unruly, puppy. I had exceeded my ability to train our dog when SD Gunner Fund stepped in and saved the day. The grant that was provided in partnership with the Rotary Club of Richmond Hill, GA provided both obedience and service dog task training. We are so grateful for the ongoing assistance and support SD Gunner Fund has provided our family.

US Army Wife & Autism Warrior Mother, Erica Aklan & SD Jake

I am a wounded Iraqi war vet. I was deployed in 2004-2005, and was involved in a Humvee rollover. I didn't realize that I was injured until 2010 when it got to where I couldn't walk or run. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, which caused the femoral head to decay. I had a partial hip replacement done on May 5th 2011, and after the surgery, I continued to have problems with my hip. On October 9th 2012, I had a total replacement done on my left hip. That same year, I was diagnosed with PTSD. December of 2013, I had a bursectomy and scar tissue removal procedure done on my right hip. I was introduced to the WWMS and Mrs. Cheryl Bruce. Mrs. Cheryl got me in touch with the SD Gunner Fund and Mrs. Britnee Kinard. What would have cost us out of pocket several hundred dollars, the SD Gunnar Fund paid for. They have been a blessing. I also got to speak to the founder of the Organization, Britnee Kinard. She is a sweet caring person. She also has a husband that has a service dog and suffers from PTSD and physical ailments from combat. I would recommend this organization to anyone with a service dog. Nowhere else will you be able to find someone as down to earth and as caring as them. My hat goes off to them and from the bottom of my heart I thank them.

US Army John Patterson & SD Tucker

Britnee and Hamilton are two of the most dedicated people I know. I have a hard time with employment due to my PTSD, back pain, and hand/arm injury. My therapy is spending time with nature. They both were very influential in getting everything required for me to go to taxidermy school. Britnee was relentless in making phone calls and sending emails and all the paperwork involved in, making sure I received everything needed for me to learn a trade. She also battled the VA for me to get them to cover some of my school expenses. SD Gunner Fund supported me from start to finish during taxidermy school, making sure I had everything I needed and more. Once school was complete, they have continued to check on me, encourage me, and help me with any business or personal questions I may have.

US Army Jon Summerville

The SD Gunner Fund has provided me with more than I could ever ask for. They have assisted me with my PTSD Service Dog, as well as provided me with room and board so that I can get back on my feet. Things have not been easy for me, but they have been there for me every step of the way. They truly care about what happens to me.

USMC Freddy Archilazamora & SD Max

I want to thank Britnee Kinard and the SD Gunner Fund for the financial help that I received. Had it not been for the SD Gunner Fund, I would have lost a whole lot. Myself being a Vietnam Veteran, and my husband who is also a Vietnam Veteran who has PTSD and TBI, things get a little rough at times and it is so very nice to have someone to help lookout for a fellow Veteran. I asked for the help and it was quick and easy, just filling out an application and that was it. God bless this organization and all that they do for the Veterans.

All my respect and love, US Army Cathy Tetreault

This fund is simply amazing...but I can tell you what is even more amazing...the family that started this foundation. Britnee Kinard is an unbelievably dedicate military wife who lives passionately with the sole intention of helping all military personnel AND their families. Being the spouse of a Marine myself, I am extremely proud and thankful to call the Kinards my friends.